Spring Is Not Canceled

Its happening, just look all around you.  Spring is coming to the Finger Lakes, and even a virus cannot stop the beautiful changes that are beginning.  I love gardening.  I have loved it since I was youngster playing in the vegetable garden looking for worms.  Now more than ever it is important to get our hands dirty, watch the changes of the season, and hope for the future.  That is so much of what gardening is...hope.  When you plant the early Pea seeds, you hope and wait.  When you plant the small annuals into your colorful containers on your patio, you hope and wait.  When you line up those tomato plants, plant bean seeds, or add compost to the soil, you hope and wait.  We need this now more than ever.Its time my friends, plan that garden, plant that seed, get those hands dirty, and hope and wait for brighter days ahead.

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