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Get Growing

Yes Spring is here, but remember where we live!  Last week we got 3" of snow on top of our beautiful daffodils, aah springtime in Western NY.  So the question is, what can I safely plant in my pots and gardens? 

I always begin the spring season with planting several pots of pansies.  They are very hardy and can even take the snow!  If you want to add extra interest to your pots add Pussy Willows, small evergreen shrubs, or spring blooming perennials.  These early season pots usually last well into July, which makes the rush of spring planting a bit easier.  Typically I will redo the planters for the 4th of July holiday.  Next question, how about my vegetable garden?  The good old rule of thumb, "don't plant until Memorial Day" does not mean you can begin planting now.  As soon as the ground can be worked in very early spring you can sow peas, lettuce, carrots, beets, & more.  Be sure to avoid walking on wet soil, as it compacts the soil structure and decrease the overall quality of your soil.  Adding organic material is always an important step in early spring.  Decomposed leaf material and bagged compost will enrich your soil and give all your seeds and plants a great boost for the growing season.  Even if you are not growing early season crops, now is the perfect time to get out into the garden, prepare your beds for planting so you will be all set to get growing! 

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