Shades of Green

I remember when I was around 5 or 6 going on a car ride with my grandparents to visit relatives on one of the Finger Lakes.  The ride was only a few hours long, but I remember feeling that we would never get to our destination.  There may have been a minor amount of  complaining coming out of my little mouth....Well, I vividly remember my grandmother telling me to enjoy the ride and to look at all the beautiful, different shades of green on the many trees that we were passing.  My grandmother opened my eyes that day.  She opened my eyes to all the differing shades of greens, yellow, reds and so many other distinct shades from the trees.  Of coarse after this, the ride went quickly  and before I knew it I was jumping off the dock into the lake.  As springtime is underway here in Canandaigua and the Finger Lakes region, I enjoy quiet car rides viewing the yellows from the Willows, the reds from the budded Maples, and all the many spring flowering ornamental trees that scatter the landscape.  There are so many beautiful transitions happening right outside your window, even in these uncertain days.  So go for a car ride, and try to spot the many colors that are bursting forth in our communities and gardens.

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