Grass Seed, Crossmans Town & Country, 50 lb
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Grass Seed, Crossmans Town & Country, 50 lb

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Excellent soil amendment because of its capacity to retain water, aerate the soil and it is completely natural. Carries the OMRI logo, which indicates that they are approved for use in organic production.

 25%     Creeping Red Fescue

 13%     Signet Perennial Ryegrass

 13%     Shield Perennial Ryegrass

 13%     Nexus GT Perennial Ryegrass

 13%     Pimlico Perennial Ryegrass

 13%     Bandaloir Perennial Ryegrass

 10%     Kentucky Bluegrass, 98/85

A long time favorite of our customers. The top rated perennial ryegrass cultivars provide quick germination and establishment while at the same time create an attractive permanent lawn. The perennial ryegrass cultivars are chosen for their improved disease resistance, drought tolerance, and overall reduced maintenance. Ten percent Kentucky bluegrass by weight is more than twenty-five percent by seed count. This is enough Kentucky bluegrass to provide the benefits of a rhizomatous root structure in a lawn and improve on the genetic diversity of the mix. The creeping red fescue improves the mixes shade and pH tolerance while also adding to the genetic diversity of the mix.

Full sun to partial shade.